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One of the main mysteries of the season is the performance of Atletico Madrid, the lineup of which was significantly renewed in the summer. 

One of the main mysteries of the season is the performance of Atletico Madrid, the lineup of which was significantly renewed in the summer. A new lifecycle begins for the squad of Diego Simeone, and the next season will show whether the team is capable of new achievements. In La Liga schedule you can find many interesting confrontations featuring Atletico.

This summer, a number of iconic leaders left the lineup of the Mattress-Makers. Among them are:

  • Godin;
  • Felipe Luis;
  • Rodri;
  • Griezmann;
  • Hernandez;
  • Martins.

However, the club is actively working on signing new players. Thus, they managed to come to an agreement with Chelsea on the full-scale redemption of Morata’s contract, and also purchased Hector Herrera, Monteiro, Llorente from its principal rival, Real Madrid. But the loudest signing of the Mattress-Makers was the 19-year-old Joao Felix from Benfica - Atletico bought him for the record 126 million euros.

Giving such a huge amount for a young player is a huge risk, and the athlete will have to try very hard to work out the investments made to him. The management is waiting for the result from the Portuguese right now, although he spent only one season at the highest football level. According to the schedule of La Liga matches, Atletico will face serious trials starting right from the first rounds.

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On the one hand, the fans are well aware that the departure of a number of leaders will definitely affect the results of the team. On the other hand, given the funds invested in new players, the lack of a struggle for the champion title will also be perceived as a failure.

Obviously, new players will need time to play along with the team. The results of the first matches and the outcomes of other games can always be found on the 777score website. The problem also lies in the fact that Atletico usually prefers pretty ‘closed’ football and often wins with a score of 1:0. New players are mainly majoring in the attack. We have seen how unconvincing Lemar was the previous season. Whether other attacking players will be able to show their maximum during the upcoming campaign is a big question.

In order to track the results of Atletico’s matches and the team’s opponents in a convenient format, just go to the 777score website. The Mattress-Makers can get assistance due to the fact that Real and Barcelona are also in the process of restructuring, so it is unclear whether the recognized grandees will be able to demonstrate their maximum potential. The more interesting it will be to watch the games of the upcoming season of the Spanish championship, which promises to be very enjoyable to all fans in terms of intrigue.