What is Lucid Dreaming?

Maybe you knew this before, but many people don’t know that lucid dreaming as a term was used for the first time by Frederik Willem van Eeden, the Dutch writer, and psychiatrist. In his early writings, he was strongly influenced by Hindu ideas of selfhood, Boehme’s mysticism, and Fechner’s panpsychism. And it was around 1880., some 120 years ago.

Expand this brief definition of what lucid dreaming is and add that lucid dreaming could be even more than just being aware that you are dreaming.

It is also man’s ability to control his actions in dreams, create whole dreaming worlds in which he can sense the smell of flowers, hear the music, fly, control other people’s reactions or even learn for the exam.

According to www.luciddreamsnews.com, the phenomena of lucid dreaming are not dangerous in any way and most people already had lucid dreams but just don’t remember having them.

Lucid dreaming occurs when you realize that the world around you is a dream, and your brain will switch into waking mode inside this simulated reality. In normal dreams, our self-awareness shuts down while we sleep; but during lucid moments where one becomes aware they're actually in a pretend state of being with no physical constraints or limitations on their mind/body connection - everything feels more vivid than before!

This is one example of what is not a lucid dream. You remember one of your dreams where you were driving a bike and had purple hair. You were aware of your hair color and maybe it was funny to you but you just kept watching the „movie“ and forgot to ask yourself: Why do I have purple hair? If you asked yourself and gave an answer to your question and realized that, then the dream would become lucid.

Also, it is important to tell that lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically, and its existence is well established. It is not some pseudoscientific construct where you have to be some kind of fanatic to experience something. I do lucid dreaming for 10 years now and use it as a hobby exercise of my mind, and imagination tool, and for my general well being and I didn’t experience one negative thing about it. Everyone can do it and I highly recommend that you start your lucid dreaming voyage tonight.